Organizations might be unable to adapt to the 4th Industrial Revolution


The HUB serves as an Industry 4.0 knowledge transfer platform for SMEs


The roadmap helps SMEs to enter the 4th Industrial revolution using a simple process

Industry 4.0 for SMEs

The Industry 4.0 brings opportunities to improve the productivity for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), however at the same time the 4th Industrial Revolution brings some challenges as well. New knowledge management strategies promoting a collaborative atmosphere between SMEs are needed. Networking through the different regional, national and EU levels are required to foment the innovation.

Industry 4.0 - HUB

There is a gap to provide a collaborative Industry 4.0 knowledge transfer hub in a European level, without borders, without the level of granularity and regionality proposed in the current initiatives. This platform "Industry 4.0 - HUB" aims to fill this gap and has its focus on developing a collaborative web-based knowledge transfer hub for the implementation of Industry 4.0 technologies in the supply chain of SMEs.